Are you completely happy with your life at the moment? Are you as fit as you want to be, as healthy as you want to be? Are you the weight you want to be? Do you love your job? Take a moment and think about how you are in life and ask yourself if you truly are happy with things. If the answer is yes, great job! However, if you’ve found something that’s not quite up to scratch or how you’d like it to be, what can you do to change it? As my Dad always says, “If things don’t change, they’ll stay the same!”

What will change your life for the better?

Ok. So you’ve found something you’re not truly happy with? Good. Now what are you going to do about it? You might not even know how best to change this aspect of your life and that’s fine. The main thing is that you recognise an area for change, an area where you can grow and know that you can be better, happier. Think about how you’d like this area of your life to be. Do you want a bigger/better house? More enjoyable job? Slimmer body? Better ANYTHING!

The power of visualisation

Can you see an image in your mind of the way you’d like things to be? The funny thing is, your mind can’t tell the difference between visualising images in your head and what’s going on externally to you in the ‘real world’. Ever heard of the saying, “thoughts become things”? This could not be more accurate! Once you can see something clearly in your mind you can begin the process of achieving it in your life ‘for real’. Don’t forget to be grateful for what you already have however!

Let’s not get carried away…

That’s not to say that I can just imagine driving a Ferrari (insert any other crazy supercar/yacht/private jet here) and it will magically appear before me (GUTTED). These things may take time to manifest in your life. The trick is having belief in your visualisations and FEELING what it would be like to have/be/do these things in your life. Have a clear vision for what you want, feel how amazing it will be to have it and you might be pleasantly surprised to find that opportunities may start to present themselves, you might modify your behaviours a certain way… Things will start to happen sooner or later… You’ve just got to believe!

Your mind is the most powerful tool for change known to man. Use it effectively and you can change your world in any number of wonderful, amazing ways. After all, if things don’t change, you can bet they’ll stay the same…

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